Every Bird I See Will Be Part Of You

In January 2020, Karen, my wife and soulmate for over forty years chose to end her life in Switzerland. In 2019 she became paralysed after a long and slow deterioration with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. In my work ‘Every Bird I See Will Be Part Of You’ I explore my own emotional journey throughout Karen’s illness and her ultimate decision to end her life with assistance.  

Thankyou Cemre

It is important to say a great big thankyou to Cemre Yesil Gönenli (https://www.cemreyesil.com) for her part in the creation of this work. At the start of my MA in Photography at Falmouth University she would not let me do the landscape project I planned to do. She kept pushing me to find something challenging and significant. This came when she asked the question ‘do you have any pain in your life.’ Throughout she helped me go beyond my boundaries with her ‘you can do better.’ She was always right. She helped me face difficult questions like ‘are you taking your camera to Switzerland?’ At the same time, she made me feel safe.  

Exhibition March 6th to April 26th, 2021

ESPACIO14  Gata de Gorgos, Costa Blanca, Spain

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